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Since, Rfa Design is established in 2011 in an attempt to service for Fair Stand Design& implementation today it is shaded into a full-scoped advertising factory in the light with demands.

In 2000 m2 factory located in İzmir, Ulukent with existing ateliers for wooden, alluminium, iron and digital printing and storehouses, we create projects with our proffessional team that satisfy our domestic and foreign customers.

In Modular Stand ( Octanorm ) applications RFA Design head off the principle for clean materials and is a step ahead in the sector with Octonorm, extra materials and labour.

By hosting wooden and digital printing ateliers, RFA Design is distinctive from its rivals and with its own machine track and proffessional team gives a full service.



Proje Yönetim Süreci
We understand your expectations in a quite short period and in our briefs we easily boost what we have in our minds to the customer. Our specialist sales stuff does not spent the precious time of our customers unnecessarily. Brief is the hardest part of the job even if it is thought to be so simple. Someone just express but do not apply what they say. Someone just listen but can not imply what they hear. Someone neither listen nor express.
RFA is one of the leaders in the sector who is quite expert in both expressing and listening. If you would like to meet a leader you can fill the form.
After coming to an agreement we do not plan your periodic work. We are clearly aware of what we will do is the image that will be becoming a part of one’s store of ideas maybe for years. Our plans comprise not only your fair period but also the future ones. Therefore, we need to focus on your stand. While constructing possible problems and unfavoribleness are included in our plannings.
We present you a detailed designing with a blow-by-blow thought. In this period we meet you with the exact designing and we do not give place to imaginary words. The only reason that we represent this design that will gain approval in apoised way is that we have all departments within our constitution. We do not subconstruct.
We are one of the unique companies in this sector for the manufacturing within our constitution.Therefore, manufacturing cost is low and difference of prices are compatitive with our rivals. We are aware of qualiy in work is arised from quality of materials and labour and our company chooses the materials and staff that will work in manufacturing very studiously.Under favour of our qualified staff even the least cotter do not reach your stand without passing control.
Up to now our proffessional staff succeed in assambling every projects. Our staff predict the possible malfunctions during mounting and have back-up materials. Briefly that is how we succeed. If you would like to have the privilage to work with a succesful company please fill in the form.